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Training Services

One-on-one in home training services are $50 per session. Group Training services are $25 per person per session. -These are great for small businesses looking to increase employee efficiency. Have a very large group? Call us for a personal quote. Each session is approximately one hour, but our trainers will take extra time to answer your questions.

Introduction to Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, and 8)

Whether this is your first computer, or just a new operating system, we'll show you the basics and teach you all the tips and tricks.

Beginner and Intermediate Microsoft Office (2003, 2007, or 2010)

There are several sub-sessions to choose from in this series of classes, including:

Not sure if you should take Beginner or Intermediate? We'll help you decide with just a few questions.

Email and Internet: Personal Protection

The Internet and email are useful tools, but they also expose us to a number of risks, including identity theft, and fraud, not to mention viruses and spyware. Learn to protect yourself against the dangers of the Internet, so you can surf safely. We'll also give you a short lesson in internet search.

Introduction to Google Services and Social Media

We can help you set up your accounts, teach you how to post, exchange photos and promote your business (or just share photos with your family) through social media. We offer several areas of focus, including:

Foundations of Web Design

Learn the basics of HTML and CSS, as well as some useful scripts.

Working with Photos

Learn to resize, remove red eye, add borders and filters and other photo editing tricks.


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